Grabbed a domain; no idea what I was doing
but copped it anyway, and before today
had gotten started scribe-screwing
and think I’ll keep it clean
after all, this scene
has enough porn
and mental snuff-flicks
nasty comments in lame forums
shock-jocks gettin’ lascivious-ass kicks
and any perverted, demented shit-stink dog-pile
to make even the most jaded, faded observer gag bile.

So this page (after I learn this stuff)
will hopefully contain poetic diatribes
interspersed with pictorial ones
totally original, especially the pix!!
No plagiarism could enter THAT picture!

Dredge swabbed from this thing between my ears
will be inspired perhaps
by the MOST brilliant thinker/writer I’ve recently read
named Buckminster Fuller
who’s stunning, stream-of-consciousness essay
entitled, “How Little I Know”

has been an inspiration.
I’ve gotten to page 16 or so
in typically unfocused, mind-wandering aberration.

And one thing’s for sure: if BUCKY knows ‘LITTLE’.
that means I know NOTHING!
So although I can only walk in his massive shadow,
I’ll make use of this massive storage facility
known as the Web
to spin a few of my own. — DAH 2-24-12

On Charlotte’s Webpage I’ll likely frown
when told to put this mouse-thing down
So addictive, yes, and pleasant
To the fingers in the present
Plinking at the best of these
Ancient laptop’s keyboard keys
Trolling, strolling W3C‘s
Six tabs open, if you please
Better cut it on the double
Lest stay too long — and get in trouble! — DAH 6-01-12

Now look, here’s
a post two damn years
that’s been, well, in the making.
So truth be told
If I be so bold
experience I’m FAKING.

But I’ll post a screed
for no one to read
because, well, I’m a ham;
and again, with truth
if I be so uncouth
seems all I get is SPAM!
DAH — 4-27-14

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