The Remarkable Klipschorn®

Way back in 1986, I had a little bit o’ scratch, and it was looking for a home. Having been ‘honorably’ discharged from our dear Navy 3 years earlier, I’d saved a small nest egg – way too small to consider purchasing a house or even remotely new car. So what to do? Buy house-sized speakers, of course!! Therefore, when a tiny ad appeared in the local paper for ‘Klipschorn’, I just HAD to call the guy. Of course, it not being listed in the plural, I thought he only had one speaker for sale, but no, he had a pair! (Guys, no pun intended) The listed price was $1800.00! And believe me, that seemed like a lot of dough at the time. And indeed it was for this struggling lad with a bootstrap tree business. It set me back quite a bit at first . . until I plugged ’em in!

It was 1977 when friend Todd and I happened upon these babies at Sound Studio on Concord Pike – a firm which, I’d suppose, has by now gone the way of the dodo as well as Circuit City.
The Kipschorns in this setting were tucked into a tiny back room – far too small for their Ford Excursion-like girth – and were, fortunately, hooked up to a shiny McIntosh tube amplifier, the audiophile’s plum in its day.
Together with some fancy-ass German turntable and some other accouterments, the system carried a hefty $ 7000.00 price tag.

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