Connected, Disconnected


Oh multitasker! I can tell
That you’re not really listening;
But that's okay, it’s just as well
Outside my window I can see
A tiny blue bird in a tree
With light now creeping ‘oer verdant knell
Some sun-kissed dewdrops glistening!

My words slip into thin air I fear
As I hear your keyboard clicking
And distress those words you do not hear;
How much of it is sticking?

So multitasker tell me why
You hug a desk under clear sunny sky?
Don’t answer! I think I know the reply!

It’s the same for me as 'tis for you:
We've way too much to do!

So it’s better to rush than take a breather
Quite frankly I’m not listening, either!

I’ll repeat myself again just once
So put this in the bank:
What do I sound like – some kind of dunce?
You’re DEAF – with computer to thank!

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