Paean to King Vitalis®!

We went down to Jersey
For better or worse, see?
Her bright sandy shores, yeah, we're lovin' er;
Some months before bomb-blast @ the RNC
From their bellicose portly governor!
Who's now out of the spotlight, not that that's bad
He made room for Slick — that biz-whiz lad
The vulture capitalist & former Mass gov
Who the 47% will soon come to love
He could shill for Vitalis
With help from Above
'Cause it fits his bouffant like hand in a glove! 

Now here's to Slick: Slap it on, make it stick!
Mitt will need it to glide
To the other side
Of the upcoming November pick!
But we know he can
Try to win fair & square
Because he da man
And he's GOT DA HAIR!
On a parting note , we'll try not to gloat: 

 Woo-Hoo! All the grease we can spare!

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