Deflate THIS!

By now, fair readers, you should know that we here @ Don’t Laugh It’s Paid For Farm don’t give a flyin’ sh** about football. And that goes double for the pompous
N-friggin’ F L.

To that end, we also take this opportunity to thumb our collective noses at ‘Deflate-Gate’. What an absurd bunch of nonsense!
So you mean to tell me that having less air in the pigskin will have any enduring impact on anything of consequence? Does it carry a metaphorical implication, say, a nationwide increase of ED — and falling erections in men with otherwise normal sex lives?
How friggin’ FLACCID can you get?

I like another theory, one entirely not my own, but belonging to the late great and oh, so prescient George Orwell. In the excellent pictorial rendering below, he nails this modern-day opiate of the masses:

Orwellian Footbal Image
And THAT, my friends, SAYS IT ALL.

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