More mortality musings

Are things pretty bad? Oh, yeah, you can bet. . .
but you haven’t been loaded in one of these yet;
So life sucks? Aw, shucks – hey, it could be worse,
but you’re not out of luck ’til you ride in a hearse!

Seen in action at an undisclosed nursing home location.

Seen on duty, in action,at an undisclosed nursing home location.

Ever seen inside one of these babies? Plush, isn’t it? Snazzy. Elegant. A well decked-out rolling crib.
Whatever adjective you can pick to describe ridin’ in style, here it is, ensconced in a 4-wheeled vehicle that escapes most folks’ intentional attention most of the time. Hells bells — .who wants to notice it?

Interestingly, the youthful stretcher bearers wore solemn poker faces, perhaps in accordance with their training. They couldn’t grasp the humor in the context of loading a mere cold, dead body, stiff, corpse, cadaver, toasted-toes into such a Cadillac.

At first, I thought they would let onlookers get a gander at who it was. Was it Old Lady A, B, or C from floor two or three? And couldn’t they peel back that zippered bag for us to take a peek?

Not on your life. Privacy considerations, you know — something we, the living, have YET to possess.




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