Why was Jon Rappaport yanked?

Some of us are wondering why the indefatigable Jon Rappaport’s WordPress blog was suddenly snipped. Kaput. Gone. No explanation, nothing. And when we, his loyal fans, went to check in, we were greeted with a butt-ugly BSOD-like page and a terse statement declaring that his former blog had violated the Terms Of Service.
No further details given.
And since none were, this act sure smacks of censorship.
Nobody is going to shut Rappaport up, though. Not now. ESPECIALLY not now.
We need MORE reporters like him; those unafraid of speaking truth to power.
So come on, WordPress: cough it up. And please be honest.
Let’s hear some details on WHY you yanked Jon Rappaport from this venue.

One response to “Why was Jon Rappaport yanked?

  1. Thank you for your support for Jon. His being censored is the reason I stopped posting. I still get his updates by mail.

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