When in Doubt, Give a Shout!


As per usual tradition, this post will have no lasting temporal meaning, and possibly exert zero impact on the general human condition. Hey, being buried in snow can have that effect.

But today, an interesting piece landed in our inbox, and I hope to paste a link to it hereby:


The gist? Our ever-indefatigable tree stump vice president Dick Cheney’s extravagant sick-care tab and its implications for the rest of us..

In short, if he were anyone else, he’d probably be dead by now.

Holy Shirt – another year went by!

Yes, it went bye-bye. And my, oh my….how the time does fly!

So fickle and fleeting, it races and zooms;

of what passes by, one could write/speak volumes!

So I’ll lasso a little and try to be droll

as I sit here and whittle this silly blogroll!

For all who may read it, I wish you the most

fulfillment from reading this wintry blog post!

I have spent a shitload of time on this machine – surfing the usual haunts, prying my ass out o’ th’ chair for some much-needed outdoor jaunts.

But no matter – there’s still some time left to do normal work. As you can see from the stark inconsistency of my participation in the blogosphere, this isn’t exactly my forte…

But I’m learnin’.