To call this a FARM is a bit of a stretch, and we hope that our posts don’t make you retch!

We moved to the lovely rolling hills of a continent in the northern hemisphere on November 1st, 1998, and rarely looked back. The place we purchased, nobly titled “Don’t Laugh It’s Paid For Farm”,  was a decidedly modest shack out back, but within our means, and could be bought outright without any BANKSTER involvement whatsoever!
Hence the moniker – perhaps not entirely original, but not a source of shame, either!

In the ensuing years, the main buildings have remained somewhat dilapidated, but loved, and of course lived-in.

As time permits, we’ll be feeding this blog with tidbits of our life experience and equipment additions, opening our cupboards to our online friends who happen by to see how it’s goin’

Davester, tree sloth, chicken coop buildin’, tractor ridin’, leash-tanglin’ employee at Devoted To Animals Corporation




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