Local Hardware

Here, to the delight of normal human operators and spammers (subhuman) alike, is a pastiche of tractors and other mighty machines culled mostly from this slice of  what’s loosely known as ‘the eastern seaboard’.

What better way to kick off such a cool steel display
than this baby blue cherry New Holland today!?

She’s a barn-kept sweet ride owned by customer Paul D.
And what of an eventuality – could this blue baby belong to ME?

New Holland CherryNew Holland Cherry (1)But oh, alas, ’twas not to be;
this bright blue baby stayed home, you see.
Perhaps someday, with a long enough wait

this New Holland cherry will be my new mate!


Next in line and lookin’ so fine
a candy apple for eyes of thine:
Orange Oliver Industrial (3) (Large) Copy of IMG_0357 (Large)Whoa, Johnny – look at that seat!
You get the feeling it isn’t complete.

Orange Oliver seat (Large)I salute this fellow with much adulation
for his orange & yellow so-fine restoration!


Next up is Oliver’s cousin with steel wheels;
Eeegads — how do you think the dirt feels?
Those rototiller drivers look oh, so cruel. . .
grinding all that’s beneath them into fine-ground gruel!

Row Crop 70 right side (Large) Row Crop 70 steel wheels (Large) Row Crop 70 steel wheels rear wheel (Large) IMG_0369 (Large)
So it goes without saying, ‘fore this post expires,
that this Oliver’s playing means NEVER flat tires.


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